Where the Money Goes

Summer is a very expensive time for the Boys & Girls Club. We believe that ALL kids deserve a summer camp experience, regardless of their family’s financial situation. We have 8 weeks of full day, low cost, summer camps, 32 campers per week, plus 3 skateboard camps for 12 kids each. We provide campers with snacks, lunch, field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, sports, adult mentoring and supervision plus a great place for a full range of rainy day activities. 
We also expand regular Club hours to 6 hours/day for members who are not campers. During the summer, we continue to serve up to 250 free dinners per week to kids. We receive minimal reimbursement for these dinners ONLY when school is in session. But since we believe kids need to eat in the summer too, we continue to serve free meals to youth 5 nights per week. Donations to the Ride help cover our summer dinner expenses. 
The donations to the GTD Ride help the Club cover the expenses related to our summer programs and help pay for the additional summer staff needed to run our summer programing. The donations make it possible for us to charge only $95 per week for day camp. The cost for a child to attend our summer camp is much higher than that. The money raised by the Ride helps bridge that gap and allows us to keep our camps very affordable for families. With your help, the GTD Ride will raise enough to cover our summer programing and also help fund our after school programs.
Thanks again for your support of the Club and the youth of our community.

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