GTD Riders for 2016

This is the list of riders who participated in GTD2016. If you rode with us in the past, we want to thank you for your support of the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro and hope you’ll join us for GTD2017 on June 24th. If you’re new to the GTD, Welcome Aboard!

As riders start registering this spring, the list of riders for GTD2017 will be updated, once or twice a week. Riders are grouped by the route they plan to ride. Riders can change their route at any time or at registration on the morning of the Ride.

Even though we’ll give you a cue sheet and the routes are all well marked, we suggest you ride with someone who rides at your speed and knows the route. We can help you contact a rider who is riding the route you are, so you can plan on riding together. Just email Kate at: <>


 Spencer Crispe

Eva Greene

Marcia Steckler

Kait Skogstad

Renee Crispe

Stephan Morse

Jean Murray


Louise Weston

Fred Newton

Bob Nassau

Ellen Martyn

Chris Weston

Peter Gibbons

John Ogorzalek

Patti Hurd

Dan Yates

Chuck Hornsby

Bob Davis

John Keiler

Patty Clements

Jim Downs

Chris Chapman

Sandy Garland

Burt Tepfer

Brad Greene

Neil Quinn

George Idelkope

John Carter

Adam Janovic

Graham Janovic

Mark Ziter

Katie Collins

Tom Martyn

Mike Burrell

Elisa Perrin

Andy Rome

Steve Jones

Larissa Labay


Moss Kahler

Gene Bailey

Cindy Howes

Paul Rodrigue

Jeanne McNeely

Michael Alexander

Jim Robinson

Peter Gill

Kathryn Karmen

Abby Lively

Bob Immler

Lois Sparks

Nolan Holmes

Julien Geiser

Curt Hackler

Ken Brautigam

Tom Sarentino

Steve Melton

Joe Careri

Jim Guerra

Joe Meima

David Pierce

Dave Stabler

Michelle Immler

Bo Foard





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