Ride Information

First, a very big THANK YOU! for joining the Going the Distance Ride 2018 and for doing the fundraising that’s so crucial to the Boys & Girls Club. Together we’ve raised over $35,000 so far and donations are still coming in. If you have donations at home that friends sent to you, please bring them with you to registration. If everyone can reach their goal, we’ll do great. With the Ride just a few days away, we’ve been working very hard to  help you have a fun and safe ride.

This is what we’re planning for the ride at this point, we may make some changes based on weather and other factors and will let you know by email in enough time. Please check your email during the week, especially on Friday, for any updates.

What to bring with you:

Make sure your bike is ready to roll with tires pumped up and chain lubricated. Bring 1 or preferably 2 full water bottles, a tube and some simple tools and of course your helmet, gloves, padded shorts, sunscreen, identification, blinky rear light, a mirror, a cell phone, a few Clif bars and a bathing suit and towel (there are two options for swimming at rest stops, see below).

Registration and Start:

This Year, We Are Again Having a Staggered Start, So Read This Section Very Carefully:

Registration, the start and finish of all routes and the End of Ride Celebration are all at the Marlboro Graduate Center, 28 Vernon St. Brattleboro. We have permission to park in the south end of the Graduate Center lot and at the 2 businesses just south of the lot if necessary. Try to car pool.

Our registration table will be at the south end of the parking lot. There will not be any food or drink available at the registration area. The Grad Center will be open and you can use the rest rooms on the first floor. Everyone must sign in at Registration!!. If you want to change your route tell the staff at that time. Ryan Squires is our Command Center person. If you are unable to ride on Saturday, please call Ryan at 802-380-5016.

About the staggered start: We stagger the start times for safety reasons.  We don’t want a large number of riders going down Rt. 142 all at the same time. Try to leave the Graduate Center in small groups. That’s safer for you and makes it easier for cars to pass you.

Since the 100 mile riders will start earlier than the 40 and 60 mile riders, it will be possible for 60 & 100 milers to arrange to meet a friend, doing a different route, at Rest Stop #4 at the Greenfield Recreation Area and then do the final 20 miles together. Also, most riders will get to the finish and the End of Ride Celebration at about the same time.

Registration and starting times:

Registration opens for the 100 mile riders at 7AM, they should start in small groups before 7:30AM

Registration opens for the 40 & 60 mile riders at 8:00AM, they should start in small groups before 8:30AM

Directions for the Routes: 

Jim Robinson and Moss Kahler worked on the routes and prepared the cue sheets. The 2018 cue sheets are on this website, under “Cue Sheets and Maps.” There are some minor changes in all three routes for this year. You can print the cue sheets at home, but we’ll have cue sheets for you at registration, printed on water resistant paper that will also have our emergency phone numbers. You should carry that cue sheet with you. Jeff Nugent made very good maps for our routes last year. The map you’ll receive at registration has been updated for 2018.

Teams of volunteers have painted arrows on the road in fluorescent pink to mark all the turns. So, with the route markings, map and cue sheet you should do fine. There will also be some signs posted along the route at crucial intersections, approaching a rest stop and where the routes divide.


All routes follow the same 21 miles to Rest Stop #1 in Turners Falls. You will cross 3 sets of RR tracks in the first 14 miles. Because of their very oblique angle, they can all be very dangerous, especially if they are wet. They will be well marked and you should SLOW DOWN OR DISMOUNT at these RR Crossings. Returning to Brattleboro, the 40 milers have 1 RR crossing.


Try to ride in small groups with riders who ride at your pace. Ride single file and share the road. New riders should try to ride with someone who has done the Ride before and knows the route. We can help you find a partner. The list of riders doing your route is on this website under “Riders 2018.” Contact Bob at <nastor@sover.net> if you have questions or need help finding someone to ride with.

The Routes: 

The links to the 60 & 100 mile routes plotted on MapMy Ride are on this website under “Cue Sheets and Maps.” They were updated for 2018 by Moss Kahler. You can see the route and the elevation profile. The 40 mile route is not on MapMyRide. You can see the first half of the 40 mile route, to Turners Falls, by clicking the link to the 60 mile route.

You should be able to access and view these routes without joining MapMy Ride. If you want to send the route to your smart phone or Garmin, you may have to sign up for a free MapMyRide account and may have to “friend” Moss Kahler. We’ll have copies of the cue sheets and maps for all the riders at registration on Saturday. The cue sheets will have the phone numbers of our Rest Stops, Sag Drivers and Command Center.

There are 4 Rest Stops again this year, at roughly 20 mile intervals. They are at the same places they have been for the past 2 years. They are clearly marked on the map and cue sheet.

You must check in at Registration and at ALL the Rest Stops on your route so we can keep track of all riders!!

The Rest Stops will have water, Gatorade, energy drinks, PB&J, cookies, snacks and lots of fruit. Make sure you eat enough and stay well hydrated. You should go through 1-2 bottles of fluid between each rest stop. If you’re not peeing at the rest stops, you’re not drinking enough! All 3 routes have a lunch stop. The rest stops are all in nice areas with shade, rest rooms and a place to sit down. You’ll also pass many small stores along the way if you need more to eat or drink. Here are the Rest Stops:

#1: Unity Park in Turners Falls. Mile 21.6 of the 40, 60 and 100 mile routes. Turn Left just after you cross the bridge to Turner’s Falls, then ride down the hill to the rest stop. Stop here for drinks, fruit and snacks.  Open from 8:30AM to 1:30PM

#2: Mill River Recreation Area in Amherst. For 100 milers only (at Mile 39.8).  This stop will be well marked with pavement arrows and signs. The 100 milers stop here for drinks, fruit, snacks and their lunch. You will be able to swim in the pool at this rest stop.  Open from 10:15AM to 1:15PM

#3: Look Park, Florence, MA: This stop was relocated in 2016, at mile 57.5 of the 100 mile route. Enter Look Park on the bike path, then follow signs to the Rest Stop. The route to leave the rest stop and to exit the park will be well marked with signs. 100 milers stop here for drinks, fruit and snacks. Open from 11:15AM to 2:30PM.

#4: Green River Conservation Land in Greenfield. Mile 38.6 of the 60 mile route and mile 81.7 of the 100 mile route. This is the lunch stop for the 60 milers and there will be drinks, fruit and snacks for the 100 milers. There are changing rooms and this is another nice place to swim. Friends doing the 60 and 100 mile routes can arrange to meet here and ride the last 20 miles to Brattleboro together. Open from 12:15PM to 4:30PM.

About Swimming:

You can cool off with a swim at Rest Stop #4 (60 and 100 mile Riders) and at Rest Stop #2 (100 mile riders) Bring a bathing suit, towel, dry shirt etc. in a small plastic grocery bag with your name on it to Registration. There will be a container marked for each rest stop. Put your bag in the container for the rest stop where you want your gear to end up. After you swim, put your towel and suit back in the bag and give it to the rest stop team to bring back to the finish at the Graduate Center or the rest stop where you will want it. Make sure your bag has your name on it!

Support Staff:

We’ll have support drivers who will be driving our routes.  We also have several Ride Marshals who will be riding the route with you and also be able to help you with questions about the route or other problems. You will have all these names and cell phone numbers on the cue sheet you receive at Registration.

 The Finish and the End of Ride Celebration:

You must sign in at the end of the ride at the Graduate Center!!! If, for some reason, you plan not to finish at the Graduate Center, notify Ryan Squires at 802-380-5016.

All routes finish at the Marlboro Graduate Center. The 60 and 100 mile routes come together before the 4th Rest Stop in Greenfield, MA and follow the same route back to the finish at the Marlboro Graduate Center. We’ll have our End of Ride Celebration on the grassy patio of the Graduate Center, the east side of the building from 3:30 to 6PM, with food, drink, snacks and fruit. You’ll want to finish in time to have a chance to visit with other riders and have something to eat and drink.

You’ll receive your ride “T” shirt when you sign in at the finish of the Ride and we’ll have gift certificates for those who have raised more than $350 for the Club and will order GTD bike jerseys for those raising more than $1000. So, if you’re close to those amounts, see what you can do to get a few more donations!

 I’m sure we’ll have a great ride on Saturday. Let’s hope we have good weather. Stay well hydrated and make sure you have enough to eat. Remember, the GTD is a RIDE not a RACE! Take time to enjoy the scenery and rest and refuel yourself at the rest stops. We’ll have plenty of food and drinks. Look for another email in the next few days with any changes in our plans. Contact Bob at <nastor@sover.net> if you have questions or need help. Thanks again for supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro


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  1. Thanks for this summary of all the details. Impressive amount of organization and attention to detail go into this ride. That’s what makes it one of the best!

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