Gift Certificates

About Gift Certificates:

We appreciate the effort you have put into fundraising for this event and for the Boys & Girls Club over the years. We’ve contacted many local businesses and they have donated gift certificates that we can pass on to you as a “thank you” for all that you’ve done. We will give award these gift certificates to the riders who have raised $350 or more by the start of the Ride, including any donations that they bring to Registration. If you’ve raised over $1000, then you’ll get two gift certificates!

Gift Certificates for GTD Ride, June 25, 2016:

Vermont Artisans

Friends of the Sun

Brattleboro Food Coop

Putney General Store

Putney Diner

The Gleanery Restaurant, Putney

West Hill Shop, Putney

Brattleboro Bicycle Shop

Pleasant Valley Pub, Saxtons River

Achille Agway

Becks Studio Hair Design

Brown and Roberts

Penny Wurr, Brattleboro

Antonios Pizza, Bernardston

Toms Auto, Putney

Sun Ledge Farm, Putney

Vermont Inn Pizza, Canal St.

Diane’s Hair Express

Windham Flowers

Perkins Home Center

Yellow Barn Festival, Putney

Marcia Steckler, plants


Millie’s Antiques

Café Loco, Westminster

Curtis’ BBQ, Putney

WW Building Supply

Brilliance (Tulip Café)

Putney Coop

Burton Car Wash

Putney Moves Yoga


Marina Restaurant

Brattleboro Village Pizza

BRW Electronics

Hazel Restaurant

Latchis Theatre

The Porch

Panda North

Top of the Hill Grill

Brown Computer Solutions





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