How to Include Checks Sent to the Club in your FirstGiving Total

How can I make sure my fundraising total takes into account donations by check as well as donations through FirstGiving?

You can add these “Offline” donations, to your FirstGiving page so you have an accurate fundraising total. (When I add Offline Donations to my FG page, I don’t use the donor’s name since I don’t have their permission to do that. I also often group a few Offline Donations together and just make one entry.)

Go to your FG page, Click the “Sign in” button in the bar at the top of the page, and sign in.

Next Page, “Your Fundraising” click “edit” to re-edit your page.

In next page: Click: “Enter offline donation”, in right side the grey bar, just below your donation totals.

A dialogue box will pop up.
1. Click on the Title box and change it from “Mr.” to “Other”
2. For First Name, type: Offline, for Last Name, type: Donation
3.Then type in the dollar amount below and you’ll see how it will show up on your page
4. You can add a comment if you wish, I usually do, something nice that someone has said to me about the Ride.
5. Click “Continue” to review how it will show on your page, if it’s not right, click “Edit” to make corrections or if it’s correct, click “Submit”. Once you submit it, you won’t be able to change it.

6.The next page will say “Donation added” You can go back to your FirstGiving page to see how your donation was added to your total donations.

The Boys & Girls Club will send an acknowledgement letter, for tax purposes, to all your donors, whether they donate by check or by using FirstGiving. It’s a good idea for you to also send a simple “thank you” email to all your donors.



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