100 Mile Cue Sheet and Map


Boys & Girls Club Century Ride – 2017

Here is the Cue Sheet for the 100 mile route for GTD2017. Last year, there were two minor changes in the 100 mile route after it rejoins the 60 mile route, before Rest Stop #4 in Greenfield. These changes are at mile 77.2 and mile 82.9 of the 100 mile route.

At registration, we will give you a cue sheet for your route, printed on water resistant paper. It will also have all the phone numbers you may need if you have a problem: Phone numbers for all the Rest stops, our sag drivers and Ryan Squires, our Command Center person. You should carry THAT cue sheet with you. We will also have maps for each route.

Here’s a link to the 100 mile route plotted on MapMyRide that has been updated for 2016. There have been no changes in the 100 mile route since the 2016 update. You should be able to access that link. You may need to join MayMyRide (free) and “friend” John Bentley, the creator of the maps. This links can be uploaded to your phone or Garmin.

All three routes follow the same route from the Graduate Center to the 1st Rest Stop in Turners Falls. All routes cross 2 sets of RR tracks on the way to Turners Falls. Be very careful on these RR crossings. We suggest you SLOW DOWN OR DISMOUNT.

Boys & Girls Club Going the Distance Century Ride 2017

105 mi


NOTE:   In 2016, the Whately Library Rest Stop #3 was moved to Look Park, 10 miles earlier in the route, at mile 59.1. Rest Stop #3 is at Look Park in 2017.

NOTE: Past riders familiar with this route be advised that two small changes have been made. They start at Mile 77.2 and Mile 82.9.

NOTE: This route is marked on the ground with fluorescent pink arrows. They are used only where the route makes a turn from one road to another. Two arrows mark each turn, one approx. 100′ prior to the turn and a second arrow at the turn. Only occasionally, an arrow pointing straight ahead may be used for clarity.

 0.0   Turn LEFT out of Marlboro Grad School parking lot. Go South on Vernon Rd (Rt 142 thru Vernon and West Northfield, MA) for 14.8 miles to stop sign at Rt. 10. Be careful crossing 2 Rail Road tracks in this section.

14.8      Turn RIGHT onto Rt. 10 and continue for 0.4 miles to first left.

15.2      Take first LEFT onto Turners Falls Rd (becomes W Gill Rd) and continue for 4.6 miles to stop sign.

19.8      Turn RIGHT onto Main Rd, ride downhill for 0.5 miles to traffic light.

20.3      Cross Rt. 2, onto Turner’s Falls Bridge.

20.7      At end of bridge, turn LEFT onto First St., just before Shady Glen Diner.

20.9      Rest stop at Unity Park on left in shade Restrooms are 0.1 mi down the street on right.

            Leaving Rest Stop, head towards the river and join bike path by turning left. Follow bike path for 2.1 miles.

23.0      Bike path exits onto Depot St. Continue to stop sign.

23.1      Cross intersection and follow bike path signs on side streets for 0.3 miles to regain bike path.

23.4      Turn RIGHT regaining bike path for 0.2 miles.

23.6      Turn LEFT on unsigned Greenfield Rd. 100 and 60 mile routes diverge at this point.  DO NOT continue straight on the bike trail to cross the CT River. (Riders on 60 mile loop will continue straight and cross CT River.)

24.7      At Detour sign turn LEFT on unsigned Randall Rd. to stop sign at ‘T’ intersection.

25.5      Turn RIGHT onto Turners Falls Rd. Travel 2.8 miles to railroad bridge.

28.3      After crossing bridge over railroad tracks take immediate RIGHT onto unsigned Ferry Rd/Depot Rd. for 0.5 miles to stop sign.

28.8      Ignore detour sign and cross Greenfield Rd. going straight for 0.4 miles.

29.2      Take first LEFT onto So Ferry Rd. and continue to ‘T’ intersection.

29.4      Turn RIGHT onto Meadow Rd (becomes Falls Rd) and continue for 4.3 miles to stop sign.

33.7      Bear RIGHT onto Rt. 47 (becomes N Main St. as you enter village of Sunderland).

35.1      Go straight through traffic light at Rt. 116 in Sunderland and continue south on Rt. 47 for 4.3 mi.

39.4      Turn LEFT onto Comins Rd. and continue for 1.3 miles to ‘T’ intersection.

40.7      Turn LEFT onto unsigned Meadow St., cross Rt. 116 at light and continue to second light.

41.3      At second light turn LEFT onto Rt. 63/Montague Rd and then bear RIGHT staying on Rt. 63 for 0.2 miles to entrance of Mill River Recreation Area on RIGHT.

41.5      Turn RIGHT into Mill River Recreation Area (Rest Stop #2) and ride 0.1 miles to pavilion. Lunch, swim and relax.

41.7      Exiting MRRA turn RIGHT onto Rt. 63/Montague Rd for 0.1 miles.

41.8      Turn RIGHT onto Summer St and ride 0.5 miles to T intersection.                                                                          42.3       Turn RIGHT onto Mill St. Ride 0.1 miles with caution over bridge closed to vehicular traffic to 4-way intersection. 42.4  Turn LEFT on State St., pass Puffer’s Pond swimming area and, following the river, ride 0.7 miles under railroad bridge to ‘T’ intersection.

43.1      Turn RIGHT onto unsigned Bridge St / Amherst Rd. for 0.2 miles.

43.3      Turn LEFT onto Market Hill Rd then Immediate Right onto Henry St, (becomes N East St). Travel 3.2 miles, through a traffic light, at which point road becomes S East St., to second traffic light.

46.5      At second light, continue straight across Rt. 9/College St. traveling 1.2 miles under railroad tracks to second underpass.

47.7      Go under second underpass (Rail Trail) and take immediate RIGHT onto Mill Lane. Then immediate RIGHT thru small parking lot. Follow gravel footpath and TURN LEFT onto Norwottuck Rail Trail.  Ride 6.8 miles to crossing of CT River and Rail Trail parking at Damon Rd.

54.5      Cross Damon Rd using crossing light to stop heavy traffic. Continue straight on Rail Trail for 0.8 miles.

55.3      Exit Rail Trail turning LEFT onto unsigned Woodmont Rd: Following blue Rail Trail signs and green Baystate Greenway signs for 0.8 miles until regaining rail trail:

55.5      At ‘T’ Intersection turn RIGHT onto unsigned North St. for 0.2 miles.

55.7      Turn RIGHT again on unsigned North St and ride under railroad bridge to stoplight.

55.8      Turn RIGHT at stoplight onto Rt. 5/10 N/King St. and continue 0.3 miles to second stop light.

56.1      Turn LEFT (across Rt. 5/10) onto Rail Trail at bike / pedestrian crossing light. USE  CROSSWALK BUTTON!    Continue west on Rail Trail for 3.0 miles. You will cross 8 streets before reaching the rotary at Bridge Rd and N  Main St (Rt. 9).

59.1      Following rotary crossings counter clockwise, continue on bike path into Look Park.

59.5      Turn LEFT onto Look Park loop road, one-way traffic, following ‘Going The Distance’ arrow sign to Rest Stop.

59.9      Rest Stop #3 on Right at Frank Dow Pavilion. Relax, have something to eat and drink.

Leaving the Rest Stop continue for .6 miles on Look Park loop road. One-way traffic.

60.5      At ‘Going The Distance’ arrow sign, turn LEFT staying on park loop road for .3 miles.

60.8      Turn RIGHT at ‘Going The Distance’ arrow sign regaining bike path to exit Look Park.

In 100′ turn LEFT on bike path and continue for 0.9 miles to first street crossing.

61.7      At first street crossing, exit bike path by turning LEFT onto Florence St/Mulberry St.

61.9      Cross bridge, turn RIGHT onto River St. After crossing 2 bridges River St. becomes S Main St. Travel 1.3 miles.

63.2      Turn RIGHT onto unsigned Bridge St. just before Police Station on left.

63.3      Cross Rt. 9 (Main St) onto High St. (becomes Mountain St) and continue for 6.7 miles.

70.0      Turn LEFT onto Chestnut Plain Rd. in Whately village.

70.2      Bear LEFT (straight) continuing onto North St.   DO NOT turn right onto Depot Rd. or immediate second right onto Swamp Rd. and continue for 2.5 miles.

72.7      Turn LEFT onto S Mill River Rd. and continue to stop sign at Rt. 116.

74.0      Cross Rt. 116 / Conway Rd onto Sawmill Plain Rd. and continue to stop sign.

74.6      Turn RIGHT onto Lee Rd. and continue for 1.1 miles crossing over I-91 and coming to a ‘T’ intersection.

75.7      Turn LEFT onto Mill Village Rd. for 0.6 miles.

76.3      Turn LEFT onto Stillwater Rd. for 0.9 miles. You have now rejoined the 60 mile route.

77.2      Turn RIGHT to cross Deerfield River and continue up hill, then continue for 3.3 miles. (2016 route change)

80.5      Turn RIGHT onto Wisdom Way, crossing I-91, for 0.8 miles to Franklin County Fairgrounds.

81.3      Turn LEFT onto Fairview St at corner of Franklin County Fairgrounds and continue to stop sign.

81.7      Turn RIGHT onto Laurel St and ride downhill for 0.4 miles to ‘T’ intersection.

82.1      Turn LEFT onto unsigned River St and at stop light cross Rt. 2A continuing straight onto Shelburne Rd.

82.5      Turn RIGHT onto Woodward Rd. and continue to stop sign.

82.9      Turn RIGHT onto Colrain St for 0.1 miles crossing bridge over small river. (2016 route change)

83.0      Turn LEFT onto Riverside Dr. for 0.1 miles.

83.1      Turn LEFT onto Riverside Greenway Bike Path.

84.1      Bike path ends, turn LEFT onto Nash’s Mill Rd, unsigned, then RIGHT into Green River Park.

84.2      Final Rest Stop – Green River Park. Swim, have drinks, snacks and relax.

            Exiting the park, turn LEFT onto Nash’s Mill Rd. and climb to stop sign.

84.8      Turn RIGHT onto Conway St and cross over I-91 for 0.1 miles.

84.9      Immediate LEFT onto Silver St. for 0.5 miles.

85.4      Turn LEFT onto Country Club Rd. and continue for 2.7 miles to stop sign.

88.1      Turn RIGHT onto Barton Rd. for 1.9 miles to stop sign.

90.0      Bear LEFT (straight) onto Rt. 5/10 north, stay on Rt. 5 North for 13.6 miles through Guilford, into Brattleboro, VT.

103.6   Cross under I-91 on Canal St and go STRAIGHT through stop light at Fairground Rd.

104.5    Continue STRAIGHT at 3 Way Stop at Elm St.

ß104.9   Turn SHARP RIGHT at 5 way intersection stoplight onto Vernon Rd/Rt. 142.

105.0    Turn LEFT into Graduate Center Parking Lot.


            We commend you for cycling 100+ miles and for the fundraising you have done on behalf of the Boys & Girls Club of Brattleboro.     


                                         Please celebrate with us.




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