Instructions to Set Up and Edit your FirstGiving Page

How to Set Up and Edit Your Personal FirstGiving Page


Here’s how to set up your personal page for on line donations on FirstGiving (FG). These instructions are for both new riders and last year’s riders. It may seem a bit complicated, but it’s really quick and easy to do. If you need any help with this, please contact Bob Nassau at or 387-5740.
1. Go to: Click the green Register button.

2. Next Page: If you don’t have a FirstGiving account, fill out the demographic information on the left side. (Remember, this is how your name will appear on your FG page, use capitals and the first name you want on your page.) To set up your URL, add your name (if its not already there) to the partial URL in the box. When finished, click “Create Account”.

If you already have a FirstGiving account click the box in the upper right to sign in. Type in your email address and password. Then click “Sign in.” That’s all you have to do!

3. That’s it! You’ve created your personal FG page for the GTD Ride!

Next Step: Review your page:

You can edit/customize your page now or later. (To edit your page later: Go to your FG page, Click the green “Sign in” button at the top of the page, then sign in. Next Page, “Your Fundraising” click “edit” to re-edit your page. Next page: Click: “Edit your page”)

Now, lets edit your page since you’re already in the edit mode. If you don’t see your full page with all the sections listed below, click on “Sign In” and you should see your complete FG page:

1. Display Date: should say: “Event Date”, leave it that way.

You can list any training buddies also doing the Ride with you if you wish.

Set a Fundraising Goal: I suggest $1000, it can always be changed.

2. Story: Here you can say why you are doing the Ride, why you want to support the Club, and let people know how they can donate to support you by check or on line. Remember, donors will get to this page after reading your appeal letter or email. Don’t make this story too long; you can focus on how people can donate to support you.

To view other rider’s FG pages, go to: The list of riders is at the bottom of that page. Click on a rider’s name to see their page.

3. Donations: Leave the 4 boxes checked. (Donors can still choose to be anonymous on your FG page when they make a donation).

4. Thank you message: FG will send this message automatically to all who donate on your FG page. You can edit and personalize this if you wish. (It’s also a good idea to have a simple, personal “thank you” email that you can send to donors after FG notifies you a donation has been made.)

5. Leave the “Confirmation” box checked so that you are notified when someone donates.

6. To personalize the picture: Use any image of you, bicycling or not. Have the image you want to use on your Desktop.

Click on “Change this image”

Then click: “Upload your own image”

Then click: “Choose file”

Select the image that you want to use from your Desktop, then click: “Choose”

Then click: “Upload” and you’ve done it!  (You can also add a short caption below the image.)

*Very Important!! You must always click “Save and Continue” to save your changes when you are finished editing. You can always re-edit by following the sign in instructions above.

 7. When you’ve edited the main part of your page, click “Save and Continue”, then ignore the next page about sending an email. Click on “Sign In” again to get back to the editing mode.

You can click on “Profile’” at the top of your page to edit your profile, the section at the top right corner of your page. You can add the same image or another one and have a short caption for the image. Click “Change” to change the image just like you did before. Click “Update” to save your image change. Then click: “Save and Continue” to save your changes.

8. To see your edited page: Click on “Home” then click on your page, then click on “View Live” at the top left of the next page. To do more editing, you have to sign in again.

9. Donors will also send checks to the Club to support you. You can add the “Offline Donations” to your FG page to get an accurate fundraising total. (When I add Offline Donations, I don’t use the donor’s name since I don’t have their permission to do that. I also often group a few Offline donations together and just make one entry.)

Go to your FG page, Click the green “Sign in” button at the top of the page, and sign in. Next Page, “Your Fundraising” click “edit” to re-edit your page. In the middle of the next page: Click: “Add offline donation”.

A dialogue box will pop up.

1. Click on the Title box and change it to “Other”

2. For First Name, type: Offline, for Last Name, type: Donation

3.Then type in the dollar amount below and you’ll see how it will show on your page

4. You can add a comment if you wish

5. Click Continue to review how it will show on your page, if it’s not right, click edit to make changes, or else click Submit. Once you submit it, you won’t be able to change it.

If you have questions or problems with your FG page, don’t hesitate to contact Bob Nassau at or 387-5740. You can also call FG Help at: 877-365-2949. I’ve talked to Camille at FG several times and she’s been very helpful.












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